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Triangle and Circle Dog Tug Toy

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Fun and strong, tug toy for dogs to play tug-of-war with or interact with their people

  • HIGH QUALITY TUG ROPE TOY: The triangle rubber and cotton rope tug toy is strong for dog. Also offers two different textures for them to tug with.
  • SAFE TO CHEW: The 100% natural rubber toy is durable and not brittle, so it won't break while tugging.
  • PROVIDES MENTAL STIMULATION: This tug toy offers healthy play for your pet with other dogs or people. 
  • AWESOME GIFT IDEA: A great gift idea for new dogs or puppies in a household or for someone who may have multiple dogs.
  • SIZE: The side length of the triangle is 5.25", and the diameter of the cotton rope loop is approximately 4.7".
  • Shipping and handling for this item is currently approximately three weeks.