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Cactus Cat Scratching Post

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This cactus cat sisal scratching post will give your kitty a place to scratch and climb while adding a modern touch to your decor.
  • DURABLE COOL DESIGN: Our fun cactus scratching post adds modern flair to your room. 
  • CAT ENTERTAINMENT: This cactus scratching post with three different heights of scratching poles is a virtual jungle gym for your cats to scratch, climb, exercise, and jump around no matter the size or age.
  • ADDED TOY: It comes with a hanging toy giving cats something to swat and pounce at adding extra fun.
  • DURABLE SISALS: The natural sisal rope helps stop your cat from scratching furniture. The base and top are covered in soft carpet that is easy on the paws especially for jumpers.
  • STABLE BASE: The well-balanced design and sturdy base keep the post from tipping over while your cat is playing. The soft base can act as a bed.
  • SIZES: It comes in two sizes as well as one with two posts and a hammock. The medium size is best for cats up to 10 pounds and the large one is recommended for adult cats. The hammock on the third option is about 14" across and so choose this option to the size of your cat.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The simple three post construction and base requires minor assembling, and it comes with instructions. You’ll have you cat playing in no time.

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