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Cat Ball Toy with Animal Sounds

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This interactive cat ball comes with options of frog, cricket or bird sounds. Not only is it bouncy fun, but it keeps your kitty curious. There is an option to add catnip into the lid.

  • Interactive Cat Toys: This smart touch sound product ball, with a diameter of 1.97", is made of durable EVA. The balls have a built-in LR44 lithium battery cell and high-sensitivity sounder, which can produce different simulated sounds. The battery is built into the toy and cannot be replaced so that the cat can't get to it and injure itself.
  • Simulate Real Sounds: The ball simulates the real sounds of three different animals to attract your cat's attention. Each colored ball has a different sound — blue-frog sound, yellow-cricket sound, pink-bird sound.
  • Smart Tap Trigger: The cat toy ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As soon as the cat's paw lightly touches the ball, it will make a sound.
  • Catnip Can Be Added: One package of catnip comes with each ball, and you can change catnip by opening the lid. 
  • The processing times for this item are 1-4 days, and the shipping times are currently 15-22 days.